Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The ahhh factor

I'm fed up with verb tenses, complex structures and pronouns that refuse to stay put so I thought a bit of chillaxin time before putting the older boys to bed would be nice. They are supposed to be getting ready now but from the noise coming from above it sounds like a game of hallway football is going on. I'll give them ten minutes and then shout!

The UPS man was busy today as he bought me several packages in the post. The most exciting one contained some leggings I ordered on behalf of my sister for my nephew. The ahhs going round the staff room were surely heard on the playground. They are just too cute for words. See for yourself:

This is the back of the leggings. The front is just stripy. This pair are called Owl on tree stump. 

I also had a little virtual stroll around Ebay and found a fabric shop called fancy moon fabrics and just had to part with some money. I bought three fat quarters. These two fabrics were designed by Alexander Henry:

and this one by Kaffe Fassett

I think they are lovely especially the Mexican Calavera print. 

I still need to get a start on the embroidery I need to do before my sister arrives in 18 days. I have got as far as transferring the pattern on to the fabric, I now need to get the fabric to the hoop and the thread into the needle! Hopefully this will happen this weekend. 

Chinese New Year is on Thursday so I will be celebrating it in style with my Brownie pack. One of my Chinese students has agreed to come in and teach them how to write Happy New Year in mandarin, we will gorge on spring rolls and prawn crackers and learn a bit about the traditions that accompany this important feast. I'm looking forward to it already.

Must go as those boys really should be in bed by now.


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  1. So Excited to see Finn in his new pants! Love the fabrics. Great minds think alike as I have the mexican skulls in red and turquoise!! Will bring you some lovelies from the shop too :)