Friday, 21 January 2011

Positive Friday

As some of you may have guessed already I am a teacher. I teach languages at a through school (2-18 years) in rural England. Apart from teaching I also have a tutor group made up of 10 twelve/thirteen year olds, who as you can imagine, can really take some motivating at times. We have tutor period every Friday afternoon and at the beginning of the school year we decided that Fridays would become "Positive Friday". During tutor period each child tells the group about something positive that has happened to them that week and we take pride in our successes and in our small victories. Louis might have remembered his planner every day, Abbie got her maths homework all correct, Nick scored the winning try in a match, etc. You get the gist. In return for such positive vibes I bring in a treat. I like baking and this gives me an opportunity to try different things out without having to eat all the spoils by myself. 

This week I decided to try a cookie recipe from a book I bought a couple of weeks ago. The book is called The Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits written by the owners of Biscuiteers. I fell in love with it as soon as it arrived in the post. I baked the vanilla cookies and used a foot cutter that I have. I iced the biscuits and I must say that I think they look pretty good. The kids were very impressed and are looking forward to next week's contribution.

This weekend I have quite a few projects to get through. I have to make some netball bibs, which should be simple enough and then my new craft light has arrived so I plan to get cracking on some of the embroidery I need to get done. 

Have a good start to the weekend.

E x

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